The Leadership Programme

CKD Black Belt Academy (Scotland) runs a leadership programme for kids.

To get on the programme a child must be:

  1. Age 9 to 14.
  2. Reached the rank of yellow belt in Choi Kwang Do
  3. Be recommended by an instructor from his or her school (not the school owner).
  4. Write a short account of why he/she would like to be considered for the leadership programme.
  5. Studentís parent writes why the student should be considered.
  6. Studentís teacher write why he/she should be considered.
  7. School owner writes whether student is accepted/requires special training/or not accepted.
Points 3 to 7 are all on one form, given to the student by the nominating instructor.

Why the Leadership Programme?

- ĎWe get to wear a really smart red dobok top!í

It is a known fact that younger kids feel more secure in an activity when they are surrounded by older kids that they like and feel comfortable with. All kids at some stage have a role model, someone that they look up to and confide in. An older brother, older neighbour, or maybe a family friend. The kids on our Leadership programme are these and more:

They are team leaders. Help in group activities, or they are the first to try a new exercise.

A team leader encourages all students, and offers to help the younger ones in class.

They help with maintaining a younger studentís confidence, and are always on hand to point them in the right direction at the start/finish of a class. They are also experts in belt tying!

A student in the Leadership programme looks out for kids both inside and outside the Dojang. We heard nice reports of our new 1st graders feeling happy to see their older friends playing in the schoolyard, on their first day at school.

Choi Kwang Doís philosophy is that a studentís advancement is judged only on his/her individual ability. Sometimes a child does not pick up on an activity or technique as quickly as the rest of the group. We have found that when a team leader helps them out they are more secure, do not feel added pressure and do not feel singled out. With some of these kids the last thing they need is an adult pushing them on, when they are just not ready. Our team leaders instinctively know how to encourage the younger ones without making them feel uncomfortable. They also receive direction from senior Choi Kwang Do Instructors on how to maximise a studentís ability but still help them remain within their comfort zone.