What is Choi Kwang Do ?
CKD is a practical, direct and effective self-defence system. In many traditional martial arts systems, self defence is actually treated as a "side line" with the majority of class time devoted to the practice of classical forms or tournament orientated point sparring.
According to Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi, 9th degree black belt and founder of the Choi Kwang Do movement, the development of practical self defence skills should be the central focus in martial arts training. Along with health and character development this aspect should not be treated as an extra curricula activity.

Why have I not heard of Choi Kwang Do ?
CKD has only been in existence since 1987, and is therefore still a fledgling martial art. Despite this brief life it has grown to become practised in 40 countries around the world. There are over 70 schools in the United Kingdom, with more opening every year.

Is Choi Kwang Do a full or semi contact style ?
Neither, CKD does not encourage damaging training methods or biomechanically impractical techniques. It is better to dodge or deflect blows to the body than to try to "absorb or get accustomed to them". The body cannot toughen to repetitive percussive impacts. Likewise an explosively fast technique suddenly pulled back is damaging to the muscles and ligaments and is contradictory to natural body movements.

Is Choi Kwang Do a competition orientated system ?
No ! The competition environment is not comparable to a sudden street attack, nor is it realistic. Attacks do not occur at a pre-arranged time with those involved reacting when a pre-set signal is given. No one will watch over you in the street to ensure fair play and, since the best form of self defence is to avoid confrontation, it is unwise to place yourself in a confined environment with your attacker, such as a ring.

Do you need to be fit to begin training ?
No ! CKD is designed to develop the individuals fitness through progressive training. The system recognises that each individual student has differing capabilities and teaching is adjusted to meet those greater or lesser needs as required.

If I have trained in another martial art do I have to forget what I have learned ?
No ! All knowledge is beneficial and can often help students with previous martial arts experience gain greater insight into the theology of CKD. Regularly students are told this when they begin a new style as many instructors are lacking in experience of other martial arts aside from their own; they will often feel intimidated by a student with this knowledge and will seek to supress the use of it.

Do junior students train separately from seniors ?
No ! All students regardless of rank, age, sex or ability train together. The greater range of students, greater is the range of thought provoking input from a diversely varied group.
Additionally, junior students gain inspiration and understanding from training with their senior counterparts. Senior students are enhanced by attendance to special classes to develop advanced techniques.

Who will teach me when I start ?
One of the unique qualities of the Choi Kwang Do system is the instructor programme. All beginners are taught by either Assistant or Chief Instructors often on a one to one basis during regular classes
Assistant Instructors are exclusively selected for their approachability, communication skills, dedication and enthusiasm for sharing all the benefits they have gained from training in CKD . They are trained on a monthly basis in the lastest technical updates. All Instructors are holders of first aid certificates and are fully insured.