What kind of thing will I do in a Choi Kwang Do Class?

Each class starts with a full body stretch, (many of the movements will be recognised by Students who study Yoga and Pilates) The stretching is geared towards preparing the body for exercise, reducing stress, freeing the mind from outside demands allowing a student to focus and controlling the breathing....

The stretch is followed by a warm up. The warm up comprises of going through basic blocks, punches and kicks.

Then Students are taken through syllabus and self defence training.

Choi Kwang Do syllabus

Patterns, these are a series of Choi Kwang Do Blocks, Punches and Kicks but put together in a way that promotes free, not jerking movement. These are also stress reducing. The Patterns maybe one directional or four directional depending on a student's belt level.

Patterns are very important, they allow the body to connect with the mind, and promote Secure Balance. The patterns also open up the communication between the different areas of the brain, allowing the right side of the brain to work at the same time as the left.

'Successful Movement requires secure balance, which depends on a sophisticated proprioceptive system constantly aligning every part of the body. Proprioception gives the feed back necessary to maintain optimal muscle contraction and relaxation for balance in our environment. Thus the popular phrase 'being centered' invokes the importance of the proprioceptive sense when doing Yoga and Martial Arts.` (Carla Hannaford PHD, Smart Moves, Great Ocean Publishers, page 43 paragraph 4)

Choi Kwang Do Patterns stimulate the Proprioceptors so the body and mind are fully aware of their exact positioning in space. This is very useful in growing children, who may become clumsy following a growth spurt, the mind does not know that the body has grown, Choi Kwang Do allows the body and mind to realign.

Carla Hannaford, later writes 'When stress interferes with the balance activation of this system then we become 'uncentered' and lose our balance and our physical sense of ourselves in space. This is when accidents like scratches, bruises or broken limbs occur, because our proprioceptive awareness is concentrated on running from danger, rather than maintaining balance.' (page 44 paragraph 1) Again the movements in Choi Kwang Do connects the whole of the body, the body becomes naturally centered, reflexes improve, and injuries are much reduced should a person trip or fall.

All our Choi Kwang Do instructors are trained to be professional skilled mentors.